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HAPPY THANKSGIVING----From all of us at Wiles Brothers Inc.,  here is hoping you are able to gather this week with your family and friends and take some time to celebrate Thanksgiving and all that we are blessed with on a daily basis.   

Soybean Seed Treatment Data—Below is the latest chapter in our soybean seed treatment story.  This includes the average test results for the past 8 years. Agronomically, we think seed treatments are a standard item you should consider using every year.  Yes, with later planted (May to June) soybeans, seed treatments lose a bit of their luster.  However, economically, in a down commodity market, you may consider this cost as one you might remove to save a few dollars per acre.  Given the results of the past 8 years, it is hard to argue the return on your investment.  These are multiple treatment tests vs. the untreated check of the same genetics.  The following table looks at one consistent treatment across all years vs. the untreated check.  Here is our current data:
Year   2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Crop   Soybeans Soybeans Soybeans Soybeans Soybeans Soybeans Soybeans Soybeans
Treatment Cruiser Max Cruiser Max Cruiser Max Cruiser Max Cruiser Max Advanced Cruiser Max Advanced Cruiser Max Advanced Cruiser Max Advanced
Rate   3 oz /cwt 3 oz /cwt 3 oz /cwt 3 oz /cwt 3.2 oz /cwt 3.2 oz /cwt 3.2 oz /cwt 3.2 oz /cwt
No. Trials   3 3 5 15 10 10 6 6
Yield Difference Plus 6 Plus 4.9 Plus 1.4 Plus 2.3 Plus 2.8 Plus 3.5  Plus 5.27  Plus 5.16
Soybean Selling Price $9.50/bu $9.50/bu $11.00/bu $14.00/bu. $14.00/bu. $9.50/bu $8.00/bu $9.00
Gross Difference/A $57.00 $46.55 $15.40 $32.20 $39.20 $33.25 $42.16 $46.44
Net Diff. -$13.00 Trt $44.00 $33.55 $2.40 $19.20 $26.20 $20.25 $29.16 $33.14
    3.91 Bu. Yield Increase $25.98 Net Average Advantage      
RR2Xtend Soybeans Many of you of heard Monsanto has now received EPA approval of our new XtendiMaxTM Herbicide with VaporGripTM Technology for in-crop use with Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® soybeans.  State labels are pending and are to follow.  
We did have a chance to look at the new Xtend genetics in our local plots in 2016 and have gotten a very good handle on local placement recommendations as we prepare for a full RR Xtend and herbicide system launch for 2017. We view Xtend soybeans simple as a new class of soybean genetics. You DO NOT have to spray Xtend soybeans with any form of dicamba, at any point in the growing season in order for them to perform.
Don’t be Confused—It is always about what puts it in the bin!--With all of the fanfare and waiting of the past number of years regarding this latest launch (RR2Xtend) of a herbicide tolerant option in soybean genetics, it is quite easy to get focused on one thing and not the entire picture.  Given our struggles with post-emergence weed control the past year/years, you may be considering a trait option change whether it is RR2XTend or Liberty Link, Credenz, etc.  I find in uncanny that the launch of a new trait option (RR2Xtend)  comes on the heels of a season where lack of weed control was a fairly consistent issue in soybeans.  Anyway, we understand your frustration surrounding the cost of the post-emergence treatments that provide sub-par weed control, increase crop injury chances, and the late season weed escapes surrounding your current post-emergence options.    Likely this is providing the basis for your thought processes of seeking an alternative.  We will always search with you for the option which fits your specific needs.  We will also ask you to consider what the foundation of your trait options can provide for you in the end. 
We will be the first to tell you that if the genetics do not fit your management and farming needs, ANY trait can look less than stellar at harvest.  I have yet to have anyone blame the trait offering of a genetic option when it comes to yield at harvest.  RR2Xtend soybeans have been looked at from all points of industry for the better part of 12 years now.  I will use RR2Xtend as an example here as we have the most experience with the genetics behind the trait.  In those 12 years, the genetic platform for the trait has been refined every year with refinement to other important agronomic pieces such as tolerance levels to SDS, SCN, High pH, disease package, etc., which enviably increases yield potential.  Additionally, Liberty Link, Credenz, etc., have also made refinements along the way to launching the trait along with the genetics.    So, it really comes down to genetics vs. genetics, when making decisions for not only your weed control strategies but more importantly maintaining/growing your yield potential.  
We will always encourage you to use a system of multiple treatment (PRE +  POST) applications with multiple modes of action to control our chronic weed problems such as Marestail, Waterhemp, Kochia, and Palmer Amaranth.  This would be true whether you are or are not fighting a herbicide resistance issue.  This would also be true regardless of what trait options you are currently employing in you weed control plans.  Most times it is better to kill these weeds with shoot absorbed compounds (Valor, Authority) in which they will die before they emerge.  Many times when relying on a post-emergence treatment only, even the best control measures fall short of reliable control due to weather conditions at application time, too big of weeds for the rate of product used, etc.

Consider the system, not just a trait option.

2016 Version of our Genetic plots are 97% complete—see below for our current summary of the results—visit our lobby for the results by location and environment.
2016 Corn Plot Results              
Hybrid DKC58-06 DKC60-69 DKC60-87 DKC61-55 DKC61-79 DKC61-88 P1197AMT DKC63-60 DKC64-34
Ave Yield 213.9 227.7 236.3 222.2 221.8 213.3 223.2 222.4 236.0
No. of Plots 20 29 29 25 24 20 23 24 30
Trait DGVT2P AMT VT2P SS VT2P VT2P VT2P Plot Average  
Hybrid DKC65-81 P1751AMT DKC66-59 DKC66-74 DKC67-58 DKC68-26 DKC70-27    
Ave Yield 222.0 221.7 219.7 229.2 218.0 231.7 242.4 224.3  
No. of Plots 25 22 27 28 21 28 27    
2016 Soybean Plot Results
Trait RR2Y   RR RR2Xtend          
Hybrid P31T11 AG3432 AG3731 P35T58 AG31X6 AG32X7 AG34X6 AG34X7 AG36X6
Ave Yield 48.8 66.1 58.6 61.3 62.3 64.4 62.2 64.9 68.7
No. of Plots 3 20 14 14 20 19 19 20 20
Trait RR2Xtend RR RR2Y   Plot Average        
Hybrid AG39X7 P39T67 AG4034 AG4135          
Ave Yield 65.6 59.1 66.1 65.3 63.4        
No. of Plots 19 18 20 19          
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